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Set Up Your Owlnet Account
  1. Retrieve your Owlnet password. (You must have your ID Number, zip code, Social Security Number and date of birth on file with us)
  2. Log in using your ID Number as your username
  3. Use the password that was given to you during the Password Retrieval process.

For issues retrieving your Owlnet password, you may call the Help Desk 24/7 at (573) 592-4224 or visit our office between 8 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday, or 8 a.m.-5 p.m. on Friday during the Fall and Spring semesters.

If you have any questions regarding Owlnet, please contact the 24-hour UIT Helpdesk at (573) 592-4224 or via email at

Student Success™ Not Anymore Online LEAD Event

Not Anymore Logo

For new Fall 2016 incoming students only.

At William Woods University we pride ourselves on providing a safe and healthy student environment for learning. To help foster that environment, we are taking a proactive stance against sexual assault and interpersonal violence. We are encouraging you to view the Student Success™ Not Anymore online education program. While we may never fully eliminate such violence, we are committed to making our campus safe.

The online program will be available for your taking through August 31st. You are required to earn at least a 70 on the program to receive LEAD credit. The program will prompt you to retake the post-test until you achieve this score.

  1. Log on to Not Anymore
  2. Enter the access code: 14998 and hit continue.
  3. You will be taken to the Not Anymore Account Setup Page. Follow the instructions provided. Remember the email and password you enter, as you are allowed to leave and re-enter the program to complete the program without having to start over. If you run into problems taking or reentering the program, do not start over. Contact Not Anymore through the HELP button and they will assist you. For on campus questions about the program contact the Office of Student Life at 573.592.4239.

Learn How to Get Instant Help on Using OwlNet

As you navigate around OwlNet you will notice that when you hover on a topic's title bar, a small blue question mark icon will be displayed. Clicking on this icon takes you directly to specific online help topics. This context-sensitive help is available in practically all areas of OwlNet. Making use of this feature will help you to learn OwlNet very quickly.

For a quick demo, click on the blue Help icon above. The Help topic will open in a new tab. Now you've got the hang of it. Keep your eyes open for other help links as you navigate to other locations on Owlnet.