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You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these Help Documents.
Unofficial Transcript (.pdf, 285K)
The Unofficial Transcripts portlet displays GPA information and detailed course information by division and term, as would an official transcript.
My Account Information (.pdf, 359K)
The My Account Info portlet allows the student to view their current balance as well as a list of all prior transactions on their account.
Email through OWLnet (.pdf, 265K)
Instructions on how to send an email via the learning management section of OWLnet.  
Posting to a Forum (.pdf, 393K)
Documentation for Students on how to post in a forum  (i.e. respond to a Faculty Forum Topic). 
Coursework Feedback and Grade (.pdf, 371K)
How to view coursework grades with faculty feedback and comments. (updated 6/25/2012)
Uploading Assignments (.pdf, 372K)
Documentation for Students on how to upload assignments on Owlnet (updated 6/25/2012)
Coursework From a Student View (.pdf, 478K)
This document discuss the three types of Coursework:  Online, File Exchange, Offline.  Instructions on how to upload a file, take an online quiz, and see graded assignments with feedback are included.
How To Check Mid-Term Grades (.pdf, 301K)
Read this to obtain your mid-term grades.
Final Grades (.pdf, 286K)
How to obtain your final grades.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these Help Documents.

How to recall an assignment in Owlnet for students (.pdf, 240K)
Class List (.pdf, 257K)
Enabling Mid-Term Grades (.pdf, 153K)
Making Online Assignment Grades Available to Students (.pdf, 88K)
If students are reporting that they are unable to see their grades for online assignments which have been graded, please read this.
Taking Attendance (.pdf, 210K)
Adding a Handout (.pdf, 102K)
Instructions on how to upload files to a course.  Files uploaded can be of many different types including audio and video.
Grade Entry (.pdf, 359K)

Follow this guide to enter midterm and final grades online.  

Adding a Syllabus (.pdf, 319K)

Instructions on how to post a "Downloadable Version" of a syllabus on OWLnet. With new layout.

How to Add a Custom Page (.pdf, 222K)
This document goes over adding custom pages to your courses.
How to Add an Image (.pdf, 587K)
This document goes over adding images to your courses.
How to Add a Bookmark (.pdf, 191K)
Adding bookmarks to your courses. 
How to Change Due Dates in Forums (.pdf, 459K)
How to change you due dates in forums when you get the read only status. 
Grading Coursework in Owlnet (.pdf, 407K)
Learn how to enter grades and student feedback for assignments in Owlnet. (Updated 6/25/2012)
Using File Cabinet (.pdf, 142K)
Adding Links (.pdf, 258K)
Collaborating with Students (.pdf, 415K)
Setting up Tests and Assignments (.pdf, 792K)
Setting up Gradebook (.pdf, 448K)
Copying Courses (.pdf, 747K)
Creating Forums (.pdf, 698K)
Instructions for faculty on creating categories and topics within the Forum feature of OWLnet
Hybrid Course Information
Faculty--Change Coursework Dates (.pdf, 111K)
Documentation over how to update/change coursework dates. (updated 6/25/2012)
Hybrid Course Pages and Portlets (.pdf, 132K)
A description of where to find the most commonly used functions in a hybrid course, such as:  Handouts, Bookmarks, Syllabus, Forums, Coursemates (to send EMAIL), etc.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the following Help Documents.

OWLNet ID and Password Help (.pdf, 141K)
University Information Technologies procedures on distributing OWLnet IDs and passwords to each of our constituents.  
Personal Information (.pdf, 144K)
This portlet is similar to a profile and can be used to store and share personal information such as a picture, email address, and other information about yourself.  
All My Courses (.pdf, 80K)
The All My Courses portlet allows both students and faculty to view current, past, and future courses. Courses are grouped by academic terms.
Course Schedules (.pdf, 97K)

Course Schedules is a robust portlet that allows the user to view a list of classes William Woods University has offered or is offering for a selected Year and Term.

* Guest access is available for this portlet.  

Owlnet Password Retrieve (.pdf, 440K)
Joining a Group in Owlnet (.pdf, 102K)
How to find and join groups in Owlnet.
Creating Groups in Owlnet (.pdf, 197K)
How to create a group from scratch. 
How to fill out your timecard (.pdf, 252K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

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